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Sunday, January 27, 2013

You Make Energy Choices

There are changes to our energy situation that are made by individuals, building owners, and local leaders.  The most widely available energy resources are Conservation and Solar. No one needs large infrastructure to change a light bulb.
Seriously, if we start with the premise that people would rather buy something new than give up something they like, we recognize the trends for increasing energy efficiency of buildings, new lighting, and financing/ownership of solar panels.
The increasing number of people engaged in making these happen, not the current megawatt size, is what is so exciting and important.  This is a race for "eyeballs" and "mindshare" first.
Solar rooftops are added by 5000 buildings per month in the U.S. these days. Local governments have created green building legislation in 442 localities, including 384 cities, 58 counties and across 45 states. (
Of course it is fantastic that President Obama made action on climate change a significant part of his inauguration speech. If everyone in the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency would follow that direction, we would have a better future. But just in case there are challenges to top-down initiatives from elected officials, we have our own capability to act.
There are incentives and great investment opportunities in your basement and on your roof. For individuals, there is opportunity right now to make more money through new stuff. Who doesn't like that kind of investment?
For community leaders, there are savings to operating budgets from making buildings energy efficient. There are solar companies ready to invest without residents raising money or paying more each month.
You make energy choices. 


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